recent stuff

FHEM HO2B integration Viessmann Vitodens 300-W (B3HB)/HO2B FHEM integration, based on VCONTROL300 module. (vcontrol.cfg, Screenshots: info panel, plot, control panel)
FHEM 20CB integration Viessmann Vitodens 222-W (B2LB)/20CB FHEM integration, based on VCONTROL300 module, see original article in german. (vcontrol.cfg)

old/obsolete stuff

IOU NIC "bridge" Connect IOU with real networks or dynamips (local copy) Simple BGP peering and route injection script - especially useful to advertise full tables from a DFZ dump (like raw RIPE RIS dumps) (README, CHANGELOG, old project site)
Cisco IPS 6 on qemu How to run Cisco IPS 6.0 (and maybe later releases) with qemu
Cisco IPS on VMWare run Cisco IPS 5.x on VMWare (thread at forum)
CCIE Security Home lab Build a CCIE sec lab with dynamips, pemu and IPS on VMWare Extract user and group information from Cisco VPN concentrator configurations, primarily meant for VPN3k->ASA migration. (local copy)
FreeS/WAN pages (english)
FreeS/WAN Seiten (Deutsch)

cool stuff from other people

Olive with qemu Using QEMU with Olive to emulate Juniper Routers

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